Sir Ken is an education rockstar.  He now commands massive fees on the back of his astoundingly successful TED talk.  In this talk he outlines some fantistic concepts we need to bear in mind as we think about educaitonal reform.

"The role of the teacher is to facilitate learning" …. ah, YUP.  


Watch Sir Ken Robinson on PBS. See more from TED Talks Education.

I like the bit where he critiques the current delivery, testing, accountability focussed model of education. "We have a culture of standardisation".

High performing systems:

* personalise learning

* have teaching as a high status activity

* responsibility falls at the school level for 'getting the job done'

As he says education is currently viewed as a mechanical system.  I have written about this before when critiquing the way Bill Gates is funding work trying to find a set of replicable behaviours that define good teaching and simply train other teachers to do them, therefore making all teachers good.  Not that simple.  Teaching is complex, messy and a profoundly human undertaking.

Sir Ken describes some of this messyness in the video.

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