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boys in education

Let’s hear it for the boys — engaging boys at school and home

Growing up, I was surrounded by Girls can do anything stickers (bright yellow with pink writing) to encourage and motivate me at school and to do as well as males. Times have changed — when I went to University, over twenty-five years ago, females already accounted for over 60% of the students in the Marketing
iceberg showing underside

The iceberg of outcomes

This is the time of the year when both good practice and legislative requirements have schools focusing on their achievement and other student outcomes data. We are looking to see where we have made the biggest impacts so we can celebrate this. We are also looking to see if there are groups of students, or
social media

One tweet at a time — Building a social media presence

Last week I reached a milestone; I got my 100th follower on Twitter. This was followed by a fairly audible “Yuss!” and a fist pump to the air, which resulted in smiles of bemusement from colleagues working in the immediate vicinity. Why was I so excited? Because I am continually amazed that anyone finds my
student technology

The affordances of digital technology

Recently, the news has been awash with wonderings and reports of schools going online as a way forward. As a modern learning pedagogy enthusiast and someone who believes in strong technology use within the classroom, you would think I would be fully behind the announcement. And I am. But, we must not lose sight of
lemonade makers

‘An invitation to play’

“Play is the highest form of research.” – Albert Einstein It’s the school holidays, our learners all over Aotearoa are out and about — exploring, adventuring, and in charge of their own learning — they have time for uninterrupted play. Meanwhile, I’m standing at my desk, working remotely, collaborating with colleagues as we plan our
boys writing

TBH – Māori boys’ writing may not be your target!

Setting the targets It’s the time of year when many schools are considering their achievement targets for the coming year —  analysing data; having discussions with staff — and thinking about how they can improve educational outcomes for all students. To be honest, we know that Māori students, in particular Māori boys, are sadly often
making connections

Building horizontal connections

The opposite of horizontal is vertical. It is singular in its focus and one dimensional. It is an isolated line that does not encompass or broaden to anything deep or meaningful. It is thin and narrow. When learning is separated from context or compartmentalised, it has the danger of being stored in a box in
managing cloud platforms

Two tips for managing your Cloud-based platforms

In my previous post I shared ideas around the management of cloud-based systems such as Google Suite for Education (GSFE) and Microsoft’s Office 365. Building on from that post I have two important subjects I regularly get asked about around security: Passwords What to do when people leave a school Passwords The Verizon 2016 Data
udl thinking

What is UDL (Universal Design for Learning) thinking

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework based on learning and neuroscience that aims to create learning environments that are usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialised design. At its heart, UDL celebrates the uniqueness of each and every learner. E koekoe te tūī, e

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