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Juniors science collaboration - learning about simple machines. These photos were of groups of 3 or 4 students working collaboratively to create an inclined plane car ramp

Changing roles; a collaborative practice impact story

If we understand what collaboration is and the impact this can have on ākonga (learners), and on our own teaching practice, we might be more likely to commit time and energy towards collaborative practices. This relates to the changing role of the teacher trend (CORE Education, 2019) and how we can harness the power of collaboration
Two women sitting on beanbags with laptops open are looking at each other and smiling

Appreciative inquiry: Searching for the best in people

What comes to mind when you think of the word ‘change’? What emotions come to the fore? What models do you associate with? How is change enacted at an organisational level? A team level? A personal level? What if we challenged you to look for the positives in every situation, actively use the strengths of

Make the most of uLearn19

With two weeks to go, it is timely to look at how to get the most out of your uLearn experience. Still looking for reasons to join us in Rotorua? uLearn is CORE Education’s annual professional learning conference. Across three days of professional learning opportunities, you will connect and collaborate with others who have the

Zero budget gamification of online learning

In my last post I wrote about game-based learning and differentiated it from gamification. In this article I look at the gamification of online courses. I suggest that gamification is not only about points, leaderboards, and badges. It may simply be about the language we use, and our approach. However the learning experience designer chooses

Ripples in the pond

Throw a stone into a pond, and you will create ripples. The ripples will undulate outwards from the source of the disturbance towards the edges of the pond. There is a cause and effect relationship. These particular ripples will not happen without the stimulus of your stone-throwing action. You can choose the size of the

Voices from the Pacific – Lost in translation

E lē falala fua le niu, ‘ae falala ona o le matagi. The coconut tree doesn’t sway on its own, but is swayed by the wind. How do we define culture? Who is responsible for developing one’s culture? What measure and importance is given to an individual’s culture? At what age do we develop a

Recognising Authentic Context in Digital Technologies

Earlier this year while wandering through the toy aisle at a store an item caught my attention. The toy, reacted to its surroundings, hurtling itself across the floor with more gusto and louder than the noise from the excited tamariki nearby. It interested me, because I could see the link to Computational Thinking,  which sits

Inside-out learning

I spent the last week on the road in our campervan with my husband, visiting a part of the country we didn’t know, and tramping up some mountains. We escaped, went off the grid…. no, actually we didn’t! We are social media and news junkies so being disconnected from family, friends and what’s happening in

Becoming culturally courageous

Imagine, if you will, a wee blonde-haired girl, loud as the day is long, aged seven, growing up on a farm at the farthest point of the South Island. She trails along behind family members, talking incessantly or singing enthusiastically, and learning the family business. Her usual attire is gumboots, a shirt and jeans, or

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