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What’s your point of difference?

With Auckland’s ever-expanding population, marketing for roll growth is not something a large number of schools have as a priority at the moment. But, what of those schools with a declining roll? Or those that have a hanging legacy to try and cast aside? Getting students through the door and growing a school can, in
grow your team

Grow your team

What’s going on in the place where you’re a leader? Leadership, teamwork, goal setting and planning are probably all areas that are no doubt part of your role and, in some cases, maybe where you may seek more support. The sharpest organisations are seeking out the right support, just when they need it, and that’s
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Are you engaging with the New Zealand Curriculum?

Most great conversations start with a really purposeful question. A question that’s simple but not simplistic. A simple question posed in conversation recently was, ‘Are you engaging with the New Zealand Curriculum?’ Before you answer, think carefully about what that question actually means. In my humble opinion the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) is one of
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Talking Really Matters

Like seedlings, good ideas can become great ideas if they have strong roots and favourable soil conditions — and then, with the right combination of weather and nurturing, they can exhibit remarkable growth. This gardening metaphor beautifully suits the Power of Talk summit we attended last year — both in regard to the content focus of
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Learning to crawl in the Māori world

Ko Waimārama te moana. Ko Tukituki te awa. Ko Kahurānaki te maunga. Nō Heretaunga ahau. Ko Trevor Sweeney tōku matua. Nō Te Aroha ia. Ko Margaret McCann tōku whaea. Nō Otira ia. Ahakoa ko Ngāti Pākehā tōku iwi, he kaha tōku hononga ki te whenua o Ngāti Kahungunu. Ko Rebbecca Sweeney ahau. This is my

Intergenerational change through loss of taonga

Ko Tarakoa te maunga Ko Tohoratea te awa Ko Ruataupare te whare Ko Te Whānau a Ruataupare te hapū Ko Whitireia te maunga Ko Parirua te awa Ko Hongoeka te marae Ko Ngāti Toa Rangatira te iwi Ko Ngāti Te Maunu te hapū When asked to write a blog with a Tiriti kaupapa, I thought

Treaty-based multiculturalism: Making sense of diverse New Zealand

At CORE Education I have had the wonderful privilege of being able to learn more about what it means to be a New Zealander by attending various noho marae (staying overnight on marae) with whānau Māori (CORE Māori-Medium staff and staff who identify as wanting to engage and learn about Māoritanga and speak te reo

178 years of Treaty — What has been the intergenerational impact on your local iwi?

Dear Teachers I encourage you to localise the Treaty of Waitangi to where you currently reside so the day has even more meaning for the Māori students in your class and adds real contemporary texts for all students. As Waitangi Day approaches and the media hype is sensationalised by the latest prejudices, divided opinions, and
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Article 2 and Te Reo Māori

As Waitangi day commemorations draw closer, it is an ideal time to reflect on what this day may mean to us. For me, it is an ideal opportunity to bring important issues such as culture, identity, and language to the forefront. In our special edition Waitangi week blog series, we share with you a wide

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