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Two free time tools that I use everyday

My first job out of University was writing and performing comedy for a television show. On the whole it was as enjoyable as it sounds – mainly due to the people I worked with: Hori Ahipene, Lyndee-Jane Rutherford, Rawiri Paratene, Dave Fane, Dave Armstrong, Cal Wilson, Raybon Kan, Jemaine Clement, Oscar Kightley, Pip Hall, Paul

How to swim naked in the goldfish bowl

  It is a small world. Aotearoa-New Zealand is even smaller. The education sector is a subset of both. The good thing (and the challenge) of working in a goldfish bowl like education is that you really can’t hide, everyone pretty much knows everyone else. This has some real implications for educators. In this post

Be neotenous: The importance of curiosity for teachers

“Brown paper packages tied up with strings / These are a few of my favourite things…” Oscar Hammerstein, Richard Rodgers, 1965 I put the gift bag in the centre of the table. While the handles were tied together with ribbon, you could still see variously-shaped packages, wrapped in innocuous brown paper, peeking out. Like five-year-olds


He tangata takahi manuhiri, he marae puehu A person who mistreats his guest has a dusty marae (the marae is an open area in front of the meeting house, and sometimes includes buildings) Or in a non marae context: “A lack of hospitality shown to others is a reflection on us all” In this post

Reviving Pasifika languages of the Realm

The Cook Islands, Niue, and Tokelau are a part of the realm of New Zealand. What could this mean for the indigenous languages of those islands? As I write this it is Cook Islands Language week, which also means we are in the middle of the New Zealand winter. So for most Pacific Islanders, feeling
digital divide

Digital (insert word here!)

Today started with an interesting conversation with an amazing teacher friend of mine. Someone who’s extremely experienced and delivers powerful, meaningful learning opportunities. She ranted, ‘If I hear another ‘digital something’ my head will explode!’ I laughed and it made me think of how many digital somethings I experience in my day-to-day meanderings. Let me
many streams

Should we review our curriculum?

The Minister has invited us to have our say on Education as many aspects are up for review. Should the New Zealand Curriculum be one of them? There is ongoing debate about whether our curriculum really meets the aspirations of our tamariki to be active citizens now and in their future so that they are

A personal story of leadership for learning

Leading authentically and mindfully closes the gap between our intentions and reality. Being culturally responsive requires effort, and relational pedagogy is an experience best measured by those around you. It’s not what you say you do, it’s how others experience your decisions and actions that defines your leadership and ultimately leads to successful outcomes. This
team meeting

The ties that bind

Can Learning Circles strengthen Kāhui Ako? Communities of Learning or Kāhui Ako bring together education providers who may have never met or shared a conversation with each other. So how can these teachers start talking together? Harvard writers, Gratton and Erikson, in their Eight Ways to Build Collaborative Teams, tell us that it’s not an

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