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Where do stories live?

‘Everything’ a story – you are a story – I am a story’ (Frances Hodgson Burnett) Stories make up our lives. As we talk about our day, our ideas, and our dreams, we’ll often talk through a story. These stories naturally flow from us in the form of our routine conversations. I have always loved
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Inter-disciplinary indigenous understandings

Connecting Learning Using an Inter-Disciplinary Indigenous Understandings Inquiry Focus: “How does where one lives affect how one lives?” At the first day of the Network of Innovation and Inquiry (NOII) Symposium, participants had the opportunity to attend break-out sessions presented by schools. One of the break-outs we chose, was that of Dover Bay Secondary School
circle in practice

Circle Time at Garibaldi Highlands School

We visited Garibaldi Highlands Elementary School in Squamish with our hosts, Claire, Brooke, and Tashi (see our original Canada post here for more context). We were privileged to be invited to take part in Circle Time with a class of Grade 4 and 5 learners. This class has been building connections with First Nations communities.

Help! I need somebody

In 1965, John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote a track which Lennon deemed to be one of his most honest works of all time — Help! Much has been written about the song since, however one element remains true throughout – simply that it’s okay to need help. The concepts of setting goals, coaching and
catalyst in action

Introducing Catalyst to Coordinators of Inquiry

As part of our work in Ladner (see our first post here), we introduced Catalyst to 25 Coordinators of Inquiry. These are lead teachers who are released about one day a week to support their colleagues to engage in Spirals of Inquiry. A Post-It Note activity uncovered what would make the next two hours most

Teacher Mentorship at the Delta Manor Education Centre

This post is dedicated to Hazel Owen, our amazing mentor in New Zealand and the Project Leader of uChoose, CORE’s tailored mentoring packages. Tashi Kirincic, Coordinator of Teacher Mentorship, Delta Manor Education Centre invited us to attend her morning workshop for the Teacher Mentorship programme that the Education Centre funds. You can read more about

Spirals of Inquiry BC Tour: Live blogging series

Kia ora from Ladner, Delta! Suzi Gould (@SuziGould2) and Becc Sweeney (@beccasweeney) are Live Blogging and Tweeting from Ladner and Vancouver about learning innovations we come across as we engage with BC educators over the next ten days. Our main purpose while here is to bring Catalyst: the collaborative inquiry game to the Network of

Thumbs up for Deaf Culture and New Zealand Sign Language Week!

Did you know that New Zealand has, along with English and te reo Māori, a third official language? Actually, it’s been that way since 2006! Engaging television, online and print advertisements may have recently caught your eye and alerted you to the fact that 8 – 15 May is New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) Week

Middle Leadership Matters

At the heart of an educational organisation are its middle leaders. Middle leaders often describe their position as rewarding, yet challenging. On one hand, they believe that they can directly influence teaching, leading and learning, and on the other, they feel a real tension between their dual role as teacher and leader. As influential leaders

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