As if it is some sort of revelation ….. Creativity takes TIME. This video is a neat illustration of this though.

Time is an interesting beast for professional learning, classrooms, ourselves. There is never enough of it! 

It is generally acknowledged that worthwhile school change takes 3-5 years to imbed. This is a real challenge for professional learning programmes with a shorter time frame focus than this. One of the things we need to focus on is developing strategies for sustainability. Certainly in BeL this is something that is made overt from the outset.  The key thing is changing the 'hearts and minds' of teachers and school leadership.  It is not about having a replicable set of behaviours that are franchisable across the school.  Sure, there are some commonalities, but each development and change process needs to be personalised to the individual school. 

So …. lets take the time to get it right.

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