Some things I have been reading/watching in the last few days:

Interesting from the Huffington Post in the US re Charter schools and National Testing.

Interesting vids on neuro-psychology and learning topics.

Snapshot of what one teacher is doing with e-learning in their classroom

Frazer Speirs wonders if we need to be using managed networks at all

TED according to 9year olds – wow!

Perils of standardisation – Seth Godin and Dan Pink reframe a school leaders thinking.

School leaders PLN's … I blog – read and write, Twitter is not for me

Accountability and responsibility for teachers.  reflections on Mark Treadwell

Some TED talks by teachers



One Response to “Huff n Puff?”
  1. Ali Hughes says:

    I hear that John Banks is coming down to Avondale School to speak about charter schools- I am angling for an invite to hear what he has to say. Will let you know if I can get there.

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