Some things flying past the radar this week …

Tech and Geeky stuff:

*  A great slideshow about the state of the web and trends.  Good scoping information!

* Keyboard porn – here and here.

* iPad office app.  A File editorFile explorer when attached to the computer


Learning and Teaching:

* Nearpod – neat iPad app … take a look.  Great for the teacher presenting info on a number of iPads at once.

* – link name says it all.

* a blog worth knowing about!  This post has some great Google App resources

* READ THIS!! – about how digital kids just ARE.

* I am fascinated by how space/s effects learning.  Some great ideas here.  From NZ too.

* Thinking about BYOD – a worthwhile read.

* eLearning in PE? …. look no furtherThis guy is prolific


Leadership and School change

* 5 Dysfunctions of a team … often why it doesn't work!


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