A fun wee poke at social media. Must admit I agree with some of this too … I’d rather sit and have a beer or good wine with someone and chat than read/consume much of the ‘white noise’ that passes for social media ‘connections’.
The real thing is much more satisfying ….

Having said that I can relate to this as well::

I want to preface the video with two disclaimers. First, I really appreciate my blog readers. I’m not anti-tech …. I just think we ought to think critically about the ways in which it dehumanizes. Second, I am a hypocrite in this respect. As I type this, I’m humming along to a Ben Harper song on my Pandora station, reading my Twitter updates and catching up on blogs.

Jut not the twitter bit! 🙂

video should be here but embed code not working

SOURCE – via Graham

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