Speed up Firefox – do this, it works!! LINK This has made a stunning difference to the speed of my browser.  It was hanging and beginning to drive me nuts.  YAY for a solution.

Phonics and phonological awareness activities – LINK.  Link from Jane 🙂

TextExpander has an update which solves some of the double insertions I was getting.  I love this software.  One of the few things I have paid for …. thg becomes ‘thanks Greg’; sig~ inserts my full signature into anything.  The list goes on.  Saves me a power of time.  Have it set up with my email address as well which is great for online things where I have to type it.  Also use it as an auto-correct for my common typo’s.  Got on to it via David Pogue from the TED Talks and NY Times column/blog.

I’m also loving the minimal mac blog at the moment.  Some really good ideas for workflow management, and the software/tricks to do the things I do all the time faster and in simpler ways on my laptop.

Setting up a small tab in Firefox to keep my GReader open all the time with less space.  Geeky but a useful idea I am loving.  LINK

Sharetabs – have a look and see what it does.  Very cool.

Love this!!  Someone has watched my problem solving technique with the last couple issues 🙂

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  1. That diagram is BRILLIANT!! I was once the guy who knew the most about computers at my first school.. I remember as I was showing people the help menu and being all ‘teach a man to fish.. ‘ about it.. they’d say ” I don’t want to know about the help menu, I just want you to FIX it!! ”
    Looking forward to trying the firefox tips.

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