About Derek

I am currently the Director of eLearning CORE Education Ltd, a not-for-profit educational research and development organization based in Christchurch, New Zealand. I have a broad background in education, with experience as a teacher and principal at the primary and secondary school level, and in teacher education.

My experience in flexible and distance learning includes a role as manager of the eSection at The Correspondence School in Wellington where he led the development of eLearning initiatives as a transition from traditional print-based delivery. I am currently vice president of the Distance Education Association of New Zealand.

I’ve also worked with the Ministry of Education as a senior adviser in eLearning, helping formulate a national eLearning framework, and I currently spend some of my time on contract to the Ministry working on the implementation plan for this framework.

I am a regular speaker at conferences and seminars, and maintain my blog as a place to keep track of and share ideas and thinking across a range of areas relating to the use of ICT in teaching and learning.

I share an intense interest in re-conceptualising education for the 21st Century, and in 2008 I became one of the George Lucas Foundation’s “Global Six” – awarded to educators who are recognised for reshaping the future of education.

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  2. Mary Chisnall says:

    Dear Derek
    I have meet you a long time ago with Peter Dyer and also Carol Moffat. I am teaching at Oxford Area School and have just been awarded a sabbatical award for term 3 2009 of which I am very excited. My project will be on digital portfolios. Carol suggested I contact and you and see if I could meet and have a discussion as to progress in NZ, current research, possible schools undertaking this concept…..in other words point me in the right direction. Although the leave is for next year it is my aim to begin the process this year so that I can track the learning of my 2009 students. I work in Oxford and live in Mandeville -Ohoka so would be able to travel into CHCH if you are able to spare me half an hour. Thanks.
    Kind regards, Mary

  3. Hi Derek,

    My name is Christine Heim and I’m writing on behalf of COMPUTER EXPLORERS, a technology education franchise. After reading your blog, I thought you’d be interested in the opportunity receive a free monthly newsletter about the latest technology education trends for children and adults from COMPUTER EXPLORERS.

    Please feel free to e-mail me back if this an opportunity you or someone in your organization might be interested in.

    Thanks so much!

  4. Jessica says:

    Hi Derek

    I have been reviewing your site and I really enjoy the diverse articles. I was hoping you would be interested in doing an article on Distance Learning. I work for Saint Leo University which has an accredited online learning program and I was looking to highlight our school in the article. I am more than willing to write the article as well.

    Thanks for the consideration.


  5. Alison Sim says:

    Hi Derek, you are a long way from Granity school, or Christchurch Teacher college, or the West Coast Distance learning programme. But we still meet again. It’s Alison Sim here, aka Alison Johnson, aka Alison Straker……..

    I am now working at Featherston Primary and am doing a UCCOl e-learning course, through Moodle.

  6. Dear Derek,

    For the last several months I’ve been involved in the development of a video blog, that will launch June 18th, 2008, named LevelTen.tv that is focused on closing the achievement gap. Each week, we will publish engaging videos that highlight the freshest in education equality news and opinion and we want you to be among the first users to participate in the community. We are searching for a select number of ‘pioneer’ video commentators to periodically post video responses to topics covered on the webcast. We thought that your blog and experience were great and we were hoping that you would be interested.

    All that you’ll have to do is post one short video comment (up to 3min) per week. Your comments will be published on LevelTen.tv and rated by the viewing community. The highest rated comments will be highlighted in our “weekly news show” as well as included as topics of discussion during the ‘LevelTen 12 City Town Hall Tour’ we’re launching in fall ’09. For your contribution, your opinions will be viewed by many, acted upon by some, and ultimately serve as an instrumental part of helping establish a ground breaking website fighting to close the achievement gap!

    See a sample video commentator piece from our co-founder, Paul Brunson, here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OV1U9fgXAFw

    If interested in further information or to join our pioneering video commentator group, please contact me, David Stinfil (dstinfil@level-ten.org).

  7. Jessica says:

    Very interesting blog. I am going to reference your site in the future and try to learn more. Thanks for your hard work and dedication

  8. Hi Derek, I’d like to know what happened with eXe learning project, because the projec website was changed to the sourceforge host, and there are news that haven’t been updated since 2008; everything seems to be abandoned, the last Fedora’s rpms is for Fedora 7 !! and there are no changes too.

    Could you tellme if we can follow considering this tool for the learning objet desingn, or perhaps we have to find a new option.

    Best Regards.

  9. jack wenmoth says:

    hi dad this is a cool blog u got here

  10. Lizzie Valentine says:

    Hi there Derek

    Just writing up a paper on ICT in vocational education and wonder whether I could have your permission to substantially re-produce your http://blog.core-ed.org/derek/2009/06/8-ways-cloud-computing-may-change-schools.html blog?

    Fully acknowledged of course! There are surprisingly few more recent articles on the cloud – most of the latest Horizons report quotes examples from 2008.

    Any suggestions? I’m particularly interested in developments in e-Portfolios with the rapid rise of the cloud.

    Trusting all is well with you
    Best regards

    Lizzie V

  11. Jason Ruakere says:

    Kia ora Derek,
    I work as a mentor for Maori boys at New Plymouth Boys' High School and a have been using Moodle and Facebook to mentor the boys. Do you have any information, links to resources or have you come across anyone doing anything similar in your travels? In 2013 I am embarking on a project  based on mentoring the boys through blended approaches from face-to-face, online and marae based experiences. I am interested to find out whether or not these approaches to mentoring will lead to stronger relationships between teachers and Maori boys, improve relationships between schools and whanau and improved learning and engagement at school. I look forward to hearing from you.
    nga mihi,

  12. Very helpful website. Thank You…

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