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  1. Thanks so much Kathryn O’Connell-Sutherland and the CORE team for inspiring and proposing food for thought that will last in time and nourish my days as a teacher/facilitator.
    I am originally from NZ and live and work in Italy in an international school so I am embedded in more than one culture/language/environment. Making the best of these aspects is crucial in providing the best educational setting knowing that it is always on the move.
    Wisdom is long lived by all, children and us as children carry ancestral knowledge that can shape and change the present and the future as it unfurls.
    I have cover the role of a leader for a short time and it has shown me how hard it can be and that being an example is the strongest evidence a leader has to demonstrate and prove her/his real values.

    1. Kathryn O'Connell Sutherland says:

      Tēnā koe Holly
      Lovey to hear from you and thanks so much for sharing your insights; wisdom is long loved by all, us as children carry ancestral knowledge and being an example is strongest evidence a leader has!
      Ngā mihi

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