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  1.' Holly says:

    The cultural iceberg is truely inspiring.

  2.' Jo says:

    It’s good to know that Andrew Judd is not the only pākehā to see the injustices and inequalities of the Treaty of Waitangi.

  3.' Shona Smith says:

    Ka mau te wehi, Rachel. I also grew up ignorant of Māori culture and the role of my own ancestors as part of the first wave of colonisation. Like you I am finding Te Whakamānawa a powerful way of opening my own eyes and potentially, of other educators.

  4.' Maria Dunn says:

    Fantastic when the head, heart and puku as quoted by Marcus Akuhata Brown is brought to alignment and in that moment the path of empathy, synergy of understanding enlightenment for Maaori ways of being and knowing is brought to the surface. Of interest is the disparity that still exits with Maaori not leading these discussions in the first place.

  5.' Roera Thomas says:

    Absolutely love the iceberg I think it is to easy to forget what is underneath.

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