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  1.' Bruce says:

    Hi Lynne. Thanks for this. I agree with your argument for those whose needs will disappear as additional UDL type resources are made available (ie the needs are intensified/aggravated by the learning environment and can be mitigated by UDL). However there will always be some for whom some specific (not universal) additional supports will be required eg the ramp will not be enough. And that’s why teaching practice needs to keep up with innovative practice and technology because what is regarded as universal (the U in UDL) changes from day to day. What is specific and individualised today maybe universal tomorrow!

    1. Lynne Silcock says:

      Thanks Bruce. Yes I agree there will always be students that we need to cater for in very specific ways – although fewer as we apply UDL and, as you say, we make use of new and powerful pedagogies and technologies.

      There are so many more options now that devices (computers, tablets etc) are more standard in schools and those devices are packed full of “assistive” capabilities that students can tap into when they are needed.

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