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  1.' Steph Kitto says:

    A great post Paula. I’ve sent it on to our staff, encouraging them to read it and share with their students. It’s often something I think we overlook or skim over when we talk about being a good digital citizen. I wasn’t aware of the posters that you shared at the bottom of your post, so thank you……I’ll be putting them up in all classroom and in our teacher resource room.

    1.' Paula Eskett says:

      Thanks Steph, I really appreciate your feedback. Feel free to use and remix my blog post in any way that makes it relevant for your teachers and students.
      Has your school a Board of Trustees approved Creative Commons policy ? If not, this could help kick start conversations that support this as a goal.
      School Libraries are THE best place (IMHO) to deliver the CC, Open Access and ethical reuse of information messages … sign out if I can help in any way!

  2.' Martin Zelas says:

    Thanks, Paula. Great article! I’ve bookmarked it as a resource to refer back to.

    How does copyright impact on the ability of teachers or schools to use work by students?

  3.' Karen Leahy says:

    Excellent post, Paula. Clear and detailed – qualities which don’t always go together well in presentations.

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