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  1. Ohh such a touching and poignant read Craig thank you. This speaks to me great because you’re talking my people in our town and about being human in a very digital age. That’s even more important now, where data can be harvested from social media channels to sway a judgement and create a vacuum of misinformation. There’s a real need for our kids to be aware of the covert manipulation as well as realising the potential for good – where social media and digital tools can become a catalyst for change, solving local problems and righting some human wrongs. Giving our students opportunities to engage with real world issues as well as the guidance to be better ‘morally situated’ (access, equity, diversity, agency) in a global community, is something that sits well in a future-focused Curriculum. I see how this would also need to fit into implementing the new Digital Technologies curricula.

    1.' Craig McDonald-Brown says:

      Thanks Tessa, really appreciate your feedback and encouragement. I feel the tension within myself too – sometimes I can’t decide if we’d (I’d) be better off without the technology or not! But ultimately it’s what we do with it, and as teachers we have a powerful role in setting the example to our learners. Electricity needs to be grounded eh?!

  2.' Carolyn English says:

    Thank you Craig – this is such an inspirational example of young people being confident, connected and citizens of today through the guidance you provided by focusing on the values that are important to us all – empathy and love for fellow humans and the world we all live in. I’ll be sharing your story with many others.

    1.' Craig McDonald-Brown says:

      Thanks Carolyn, really appreciate you sharing this. There is so much potential for our learners to be world-changers – we just need to show them how easy it can be. Meaningful learning always sinks (syncs?) in the deepest.

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