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  1. What an amazing experience, Gemma. I think that’s a true retreat, twenty days outside your comfort zone and without outside contact. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us and it made a great read. I must start making Sundays special again, a day without technology and a day to contemplate something deep and meaningful.

  2. Wow Gemma, what a fabulous read. I witnessed, first hand, the glow that you returned with from this experience, and have been waiting to hear more of the incredible experience. As a fellow ‘bounder’ I thought I had some understanding of what you were embarking on. I had absolutely no idea of your personal challenge and the richness of the hīkoi of karanga. Thank you so much for sharing this story. Experiential learning is something I have long held as the best learning, and you have captured this for us.
    I have so many more questions and look forward to catching up and talking about this some more…
    Thanks Gemma.

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