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  1.' Christina says:

    Initially, I wondered if it was possible for someone to be a coach or mentor without knowing it. For example, when I apply this blog post to myself it has James as a coach, directing me towards understanding whether I need a coach or a mentor. He has essentially become a coach through his blog post. Does that mean we become coaches through our presence in blogs and online learning communities without noticing it? Are all bloggers coaches?

    Throughout this post James provides a clear comparison between coaching and mentoring along with their noticeable differences. He highlights the need to ‘stop and check before diving in’ which makes me think about ‘digital footprints’ and the evidence we need to consider when getting to know someone as a coach or mentor. We would cross-reference information found on the internet, therefore the same principle should be applied when seeking a coach or mentor. I now have a clear understanding of these support systems and the answers to the questions I posed earlier. Thank you for sharing this James.

    ps the UChoose service looks great!

    1. Kia ora Christina,

      Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and narrative around this post. I wrote it at a time when I was searching for the right person or people to support me in my own goals. I love your question around whether all bloggers coaches. It made me think carefully about the specifics I shared (all opinion of course) and look at whether students who blog could be coaches of others. I guess it’s a question of how often they engage with one another. I think both roles (coaches and mentors) need a connection and relationship that is not only ongoing, but based on trust. This may be tricky to achieve when engaging in one single blog post.

      Your thinking has really spurred me on to perhaps digging down further into the two roles and looking more carefully at defining them. It’s so tricky as so many of us, myself included, use them interchangeably. Thanks again for sharing, it truly means a lot. James

      PS Let’s talk UChoose soon- it changed my life!

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