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  1. Great podcast. I have similar virtual work experiences. Re Skype – which I use a lot and use it as my main phone (also purchased a Skype number which looks like a Sydney number that people can call in Aus and get me in NZ) – I find Skype is a bit flakey and very internet dependent. I’ve started using Zoom which seems to be way more stable and way less dependent of a strong and steady signal. It’s more of a webinar type tool (in the way you initially hook up) but I think it will end up replacing Skype for me as a video conference type app. Might want to check that out. (I’m not connected to Zoom btw!!)

    1. Rochelle Savage says:

      Tēnā rawa atu koe (thanks very much) Richard and also for the advice on Zoom. I have used it once and was impressed. We had a virtual coffee meeting this morning and skype was less than ideal – we talked over each other at times due to this. Kia pai to rā – Have a good day.

  2.' Allan Robinson says:

    Thanks Rohcelle. As a HOD equivalent in an online school this is the way we work with my staff in Auckland and Wellington. I am in Hamilton. Don’t forget the virtual chocolate! I also send students virtual chocolate fish.

    1. Rochelle Savage says:

      E pai ana (you’re welcome). Great to hear from someone else who works this way especially as it feels so normal to me but sometimes when I discuss how I work with others they seem amazed. I have been remiss on sending chocolate fish! Good tip.

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