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  1.' Kathe Tawhiwhirangi says:

    Enjoyed your blog post James :-)
    A good reminder for us all re being non-judgemental and really listening.

    1. James Hopkins says:

      Hi Kathe, thanks for taking the time to share your thinking. I wrote this after a real life situation and really enjoyed unpacking it afterwards. It became apparent that in our busy roles, especially when problem solving, we focus on our reply rather than on the conversation. So often I found myself not doing the most important thing- listening! Joan Dalton’s learning talk will remain one of the most life changing experiences I’ve ever been fortunate to be part of…

  2. I have to wrestle with my default setting of trying to problem solve all the time.

    My pet hate (among many- TIA as one prominent example too often used ) is having to listen to those who draw breath to tell me what I or we should be doing before the questioner has even put the full stop.

  3.' deanne thomas says:

    Kia ora James thanks for this a great reminder as we move into new ways of working. Invalidation applies in many ways and often we are not even aware that we are doing it. Easy read – made for sharing! Ngā mihi

  4.' Maria Krausse says:

    Nicely put James. Simple but a good reminder to listen before we leap in…
    I was wondering about Learning Talk as I read so was interested to see you mention it in your reply to a comment. Would this be good to add to the further reading? :)

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