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  1.' Kate says:

    Love this. Great work Ro. Could be any place… Not necessarily even a school. Have you read R. O.L.E

    It's by Mark Barnes,  he took the Results Only Work Environment philosophy and applied it to learning environments. You can check him out on You Tube too.


  2.' Janelle Riki-Waaka says:

    Fabulous blog post Rowan, some great food for our thoughts to grow! Ka mau te wehi!

  3.' Glenda Albon says:

    Great article Rowan. Your young super hero will likely be living these 'future focussed' concepts of collaboration & teamwork, creativity & imagination, critical thinking & problem solving through his current ECE service as his identity, learning dispositions, skills and attributes are recognised,  fostered and strengthened. He will be well placed to continue to grow, to know himself and his own abilities and potential as he moves through his life journey. 

  4.' Kirsten says:

    Very much appreciate your voice!  I think NZ primary schools are flexible & often already embracing this evolved style of schooling. They are free of NCEA and the 45min period timetable constraints high schools are hamstrung by.  High schools are the meat in the sandwich, having to comply with old-fashioned society & tertiary institutions' standardised requirements. My son is 16 and described as very smart but lazy & unmotivated at school. We have to reason with him like this: "Look for the kernel of inspiration in each class. You can question the work, but be tactful. Do what's required to get a Merit (B) Endorsement and over 12 credits in every course." It's mad — we are teaching him to be the robot we're replacing him with.

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