1.' Bex Tuileto'a says:

    It's quite interesting to listen to the perceptions of the young people and the 'racist' comments they encountered in their time at university.  Twenty years from Teanau's experience, it's obvious that similar experiences pervade, and I would comfortably predict that it will continue for at least another 20 years.  If you were to ask the non islanders – which includes other groups such as Asian, they would not claim to be racist.  Many of them react simply out of ignorance.  Living in insularised communities, if they haven't been exposed to us brownies and our culture, then they only know what they've heard or seen in the media.  Our portrayals are over-represented in negative statistics in various demographics with my hope is mitigated by our successful sports players.  I believe we need to show off our achievers in other fields, doctors, lawyers, academics and Solo Mio to name a few, not just in our own communities, but the wider.  Showing off is not a pasifika trait but a western one, let's make that work for us.

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