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  1.' Katarina says:

    Thanks Tara for an interesting blog post. Reading this reinforces for me the importance of why we need to introduce robotics and coding in primary school. It also clarified the term computer science.
    I introduced Scratch to my students as part of in our literacy programme. Most of the students were very engaged and several of them created basic games and stories when they got home. This year our school bought some mBot robotics. The kids have mainly explored what they can do with the robot. However, now is time for me to learn ways how coding and robotics enhance learning, rather than just a fun activity, and ways to integrate computer science like Lisa from Amesbury School did.
    Tara, I’m looking forward to catch up and learn at the CORE Enable half-day workshop: Future of Learning: Coding and robotics (Whangarei).

  2.' Delilah says:

    Planted a seed of anticipation and broke down a preconceived fear I was harbouring. Thanks!

  3.' Sue Armstrong says:

    We introduced STRETCH into our Year 4-6 programme a couple of years ago. I had used LOGO and Microworlds in my class for may years so had some understanding of computational thinking. I put my hand up to take a coding Stretch group and have loved the enjoyment and enthusiasm the students have got from learning to write their own code and think creatively to solve problems. This year we subscribed to Tynker and I have been learning alongside the students as the concepts become more challenging.I would like to find ways that I can integrate coding into my Year 5 classroom programme.

  4.' Kellie says:

    Excited and interesting in the upcoming learning.
    Thoughts: How do I encourage/motivate students?
    Barriers: ethnic/economic backgrounds/low academic levels – affects????

  5.' Beth says:

    Thank you for sharing, A great post to share with others, I particularly like how your post starts with early childhood :) I look forward to collaborating resources to demystify coding for teachers. :)

  6.' Jillian says:

    Thanks a million for the post. I’m now looking forward to tomorrow with both anticipation and trepidation as I have only used Scratch with my class and, of course, they are way more capable than me … and so motivated, focused and fascinated by what they can create:) I’m looking forward to expanding my knowledge of how to integrate coding into our programme.

  7.' Jillian says:

    I totally relate to the part of the post that talks about developing the competencies “our young people” will need in the future!

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