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  1.' Gary Roberts says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog Mark. It is crucial that parents understand the 'WHY'. They require information and clear communication in order to make connections and understand the 'WHY'. If not, they have nothing to hang their hat on and therefore they revert back to the old school yard that they knew.

    As you point out, this is transformation, and a paradigm shift that requires a change of mental models. This can only be achieved if our families/whanau are informed and are able to make the connections and understand the 'WHY'. Sounds as though your daughter's school is doing a great job and everyone understands the 'WHY' and is enjoying the new school yard!

  2.' Heather Matthews says:

    Kia ora Mark, I really enjoyed reading your post. In fact it resonated with me as I thought back to a similar experience when my own tamariki were 'cutting a new trail' as they started Kura Kaupapa Māori. Many yeas ago when it was a very new type of education here in the south, many parents including myself found themselves in a learning environment where it certainly wasn't the same as their own experience of education. However, now looking back it was the best thing we did for our childen. They loved going to school, the type of learning that they were a part of and the 'different' ways of teaching and learning they were exosed to. Change is always a bit tricky and as a parent you want to know your children are having the best opportunities. Keeping whānau informed as much as possible is the key. It sounds like your daughter's school has done this really well and how exciting that she is loving this new type of learning. 

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