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  1. Rosalie Reiri says:

    Kia ora māmā x, ngā mihi mō ngā kōrero! Thank you for sharing your pearls with us, as simple as X+Y=Z the relationship between each factor is so interesting and so complex! I understand and agree with everything you have written I have two G's (girls) and oh how I am not on their planet, I think us X+Y people need to listen more to Gen Z's.

  2. Te Mako Orzecki says:

    Kia ora Janelle, Kātahi te kōrero pai, ko tēnā! I really enjoyed reading your article and it really makes you think e kī kei te kaumatua haere mātou ngā mātua! I have kids born into the generationZ and for us it's a matter of keeping up with what and where they're at. Sometimes we miss the boat, sometimes they drive the boat, sometimes we drive the boat (with them giving us the directions from the back seat) but most importantly we are doing it together (or would hope this would be the case) I look forward to the next installment kare!  

    1. Janelle Riki-Waaka says:

      Kia ora e hoa,

      I really liked your boat analogy, totally resonated with me as a parent and an educator.  Mā te tokomaha, ka kā te ahi!

  3. Kia ora Janelle – enjoyed your post!

  4.' Clive Francis says:

    "The best teachers don’t just talk to you about school stuff. They are interested in your life and who you are"  – I think this is true regardless of which generation – past or future! Great post, thanks.

    1. Janelle Riki-Waaka says:

      Kia ora Clive,

      I totally agree. Much of what my Gen Z teen talked about is what we all aspire to attain regardless of age or generation – feeling valued, feeling supported and feeling inspired.  Ngā mihi nui.

  5.' Elizabeth Craker says:

    Thanks Janelle, this is great on so many levels. It's definitely one to share world wide so all those Gen X's can get up to speed!

  6.' James Morris says:

    Thanks Janelle. I am wary about labelling a whole generation as one thing or another however if we accept the limitations it can give us a framework to support understanding. The link to the specific with your son's comments were a good anchor for this understanding.

    1. Janelle Riki-Waaka says:

      Kia ora James. I totally agree, it's never safe to attach a generic label onto any kind of learner. There are however some environmental and generational impacts and mindsets that have helped to shape the way our current learners like to learn that are worthy of consideration for educationalists I think. At the very least I think they prompt good discussion and food for thought.

  7.' Shar says:

    Ka Rawe Jaye, kaore e kore he rawe ōna whakaaro, ōna hiahia, ōna whakamāramatanga ki ngā Kaiako.

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