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  1.' Alex says:

    Manu, your explanations of the evolving roles of a Matai remind me of the numerous ways leadership can be expressed. The last paragraph stuck me; the importance of intergenerational knowledge sharing, and learning from your dad. He was raised in a different world and different place, and you must find ways to adapt and uphold the teachings/legacy in your world now and into the future. That is a powerful meeting place of commonality and difference; transcending time and place. Mean.

  2.' Ruth Lute Faleolo says:

    Thank you for sharing your insights Manu.  As a Tongan woman married to a Samoan who also carries a Matai title, it is important that I get a better understanding of what this means. I agree that our intergenerational stories, explanations, and links provide a deeper meaning for our cultural practices and rituals that are passed on to our descendants. For instance, within my family, my husband and I share the stories of the migration journey made by our folks to Aotearoa, in order to provide our children with important foundations of understanding their roots and cultural identity in a modern world.  I look forward to further dialogue with you sis.  Malo and Blessings, Ruth.

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