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  1. Useful summary of distributed leadership and I certainly agree, but we need to take a step beyond distributed leadership into teacher leadership – This is a useful book on that front. I would challenge the idea that top down hierarchies will always exists – this is already changing in the business world where innovative (often web-based) companies are adopting flatter structures such as those defined by holacracy – One of the key barriers to teacher, distributed or shared leadership highlighted in the literature is hierarchical structures. Have you read about the democractic schools in the UK? Interesting one.

    1.' James Hopkins says:

      Hi Darren,

      Thanks so much for the feedback and further reading- lots to really digest in some of the links you've shared. I wonder how far off the removal of hierarchical structures really is. The current structure of leadership can present hurdles for creating true collaboration and cohesion, but the move towards clustering and cross-cluster collaboration in a formal supported way is certainly a strong step. Democratic schools is definitely a new one for me and being from the UK it's fantastic to see. Something I'll certainly be reading ore about. Great to connect. Thanks again.


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