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  1.' Gary Roberts says:

    Hi Mark

    I enjoyed your article. A couple of things struck a chord with me; learning should be challenging and it often involves a struggle.

    Carol Dweck talks about growing children’s brains and easy is boring. Guy Claxton says confusion is good, you can work through it to make sense of things. Getting stuck is not a problem – staying stuck is!

    Part of our role as teachers is to share and scaffold this with children, learning can be confusing at times and a bit of a struggle, but that is ok, it is just part of the learning process. Digital convergences can engage and motivate our learners and deliver successful outcomes, which in turns leads to happiness!

    1. Mark Maddren says:

      I totally agree Gary with your comments, the Learning Pit is an easy model for learners to relate to and also gives educators a tool to use with learners to explain how learning is a challenge and that a bit of a struggle is ok. Thank you for your feedback.

  2.' Mel Raisin says:


    This really struck a chord with me too. Digital tools remove many of the barriers placed in front of our students. They are proving to empower learners at both ends of the ability spectrum, by making further learning accessible and at their fingertips. For my own son, removing the hurdle that handwriting brings, allows him to contribute on an even par with his peers. Looking back, he "checked out" of the classroom at the end of Year 3… and has only begun to check back in at Year 6 & 7. Boredom, learning feeling out of reach and not wanting to "stand out" as struggling were the main factors. The difference was made when his teacher's started to acknowledge his barriers to learning, and become interested in removing the barriers. There is a obvious correlation between the removal of barriers and the increase in engagement. 

  3.' Julie Carey says:

    Hi Mark

    The Pit and the learning blocks you describe have put me in mind of two or three (at least) children in my room. I hope I can give them a way to either make a ramp to get over the learning blocks or a bit of a hand up out of the pit using digital technology. I already know how motivating it is so now want to make sure the children can understand that it can be a learning tool and engage them in wanting them to use it for learning not just fun and games.

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