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  1. Fionna Wright says:

    I'll be referring to your blog thanks Greg. I love Pixar's approach to collaboration and I love their movies! So here is a good example from Randy Nelson (Pixar) that reflects your post Greg. "Collaboration is the 'amplification' you get when you connect a bunch of people together…" (Collaboration bits after 7 mins).

  2. Great read Greg. The diagrams really help, with an image to align with each stage. Thanks for sharing. This will be very useful to share with our schools. I wonder what you would think or say about the tension when one party believes they are collaborating and other parties don't see it that way?

    Anne K

  3. Greg Carroll says:

    Hi Anne. I think it is the ability to extricate yourselves and your programmes from each other that is the key. The reason for the difference may be one of dependence though – one person couldnt function without the other, but the other could?

  4. Greg Carroll says:

    Hi Fionna – REALLY nice! Lots of interesting thinking there. Love the amplification idea. Also the idea of mastery in one area showing potential for mastery in another. Thanks for sharing :-) Greg

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