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  1. Anthony Faitaua says:

    Great post Vaitimu,

    I like how you shared the other side of the coin, beyond the classroom, ways of being responsive alonside our Pasifika communities. Awesome to see how you unpacked the Talanoa model for us to apply our lens more slightly. Meaai (kai) is the vehicle to connect and Talanoa is the key of connecting. Faafetai lava. 

  2. […] that everyone is included in the learning?  The talanoa model used in my previous blog ‘Creating the talanoa is all it takes’ creates the connectivity between the teachers and the aiga (family), schools and the […]

  3.' Orita says:

    Talofa lava, I am writting my assignment about your community, and I need help with these Questions.

    1. Who establish the Talanoa?

    2. What Islands are in this group?

    3. What is the purpose of this organisation.

    Please if you could answer my questions please


  4.' Joseph Afa says:

    Beautiful work and well done, this is wonderful technique and very easy to understand, the information is very useful and straight forward. Again faafetai lava le faasoa (sharing).

    Kind Regards
    Joseph Afa Tagaloa

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