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  1. Renee says:

    Thanks for this post, Catriona. We can't be reminded enough of the important things in life; that while we're trying to "get ahead" we may be missing the moment we have right in front of us. Or worse, that we are teaching others to do the same. 

    A small thing I do to bring joy into every day: I walk to work. I take the path by the river. I like the river. Even though the path beside it is somewhat lumpier since the earthquakes, and in places the river is a little choked by sediment. I look at the ducks. I notice that one, beautiful irridescent feather peeping out between the motley brown ones on their wing. I sniff the air, and acknowledge the smell of the season — the fresh-cut grass of Summer, or the warm, dry onset of an autumnal Nor' Wester. I stop to buy a coffee about half-way along my journey. I talk to the barista; sharing the first thing that comes into my mind, however silly, and we laugh together. I say hello to the people and animals I meet along the way. I admire the work that is going on in the city — I am thankful for all the flouro-vested people who are digging and drilling and thumping away in the rubble. 

    When I get to work, my day is not "work" anymore, but a progression of being in the moment, every moment, and enJOYing it. I am more creative, attentive, patient, and productive if I dedicate the first part of each day to my walk along the river — my exercise in Joy.


  2.' Catriona Pene says:

    Kia ora Renne, 


    Thanks for this reply Renee- I can picture you walking to work sharing a little, or a lot, of joy on your way. It is such a hard thing to put our hands up and say 'enough – this time is just for me' but I know that in doing so everyone we come in contact with benefits from the peace and the joy we experience. Enjoy your walk to work tomorrow.  : ) 

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