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  1.' Mandy Heim says:

    This is a really great post. I like the challenge about echo chambers. If all colleagues just support and never challenge then possibly I will not self reflect enought to push myself to find better practise and improve content knowledge…. Thanks for very informative digital tech pedagogy challenges. 

  2. Karen Melhuish Spencer says:

    Many thanks for your comment, Mandy. The echo chamber nature of filtered conversations is really a characteristic of our modern times. Mastering the way we access and funnel information online, amongst the pelthora of informaton, is ur first challenge. And our second, as you say, is ensuring that we try and hear all voices on a topic. R. Kelly Garrett has published several pieces of research on this topic alone such as 'Selective Exposure…': if you are interested in exploring further, and Clay Shirky is worth reading, too. Thanks for stopping by:)

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