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  1.' Anne Sturgess says:

    The questions you've raised here deserve to be addressed within every school and at every level where decision-makers are influencing education. We know the theory and we have the tools, but do we have the will to bring this together in a way that will realise Papert's vision? (I think I still have my original copy of Mindstorms. I loved the turtle, and so did my students) :-) Jackie Gerstein describes the current environment as 'the perfect storm' of connections, resources and community where we have a real opportunity to ensure that learning is authentic and learner-driven. It's exciting to see the shifts in learning and teaching that Papert hoped for being realised in some classrooms but it isn't sufficiently widespread – yet.

  2. ZineZone interviewed Seymour Papert in 1999. One of my favourites from that interview is:

    ZZ: Of course, educational reform initiatives come and go, and yet many schools don't look a whole lot different then they did decades ago. Do you see technology as a Trojan Horse for systematic and lasting change?

    SP: I think the technology serves as a Trojan horse all right, but in the real story of the Trojan horse, it wasn't the horse that was effective, it was the soldiers inside the horse. And the technology is only gong to be effective in changing education if you put an army inside it which is determined to make that change once it gets through the barrier.


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