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  1. Thanks for another great post. I think the key to success of a networked organisation is to have a very clear purpose and shared vision. This is 'the higher ground' and the common ground that pulls everyone together when there may be differences or when directions become unclear – keep returning to your shared & strategic goals. For us it has always been about improving learning opportunities & outcomes for our students. Adding to your examples the VLN Primary School – also a networked organisation; as are the other Communities of Schools in the VLN Community with a mainly Secondary focus Check out the LCO Handbook (Learning Communities Online) – advice & guidance for schools & kura that choose to operate as a collaborative network…. Ngā mihi nui

  2. Karen Melhuish Spencer says:

    Thanks for your comment, Rachel, appreciate you taking the time to post a reply. You are spot on with your comment about a strong shared vision, and also mechanisms to enable practice to be regularly reviewed against vision. Thanks, too, for sharing your examples of networks wrapped around students' learning outcomes – these are great examples of externally visible networks for other educators to explore here.

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