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  1.' Gina Cathro says:

    I feel far away from you all. Sending love. I just don't get it. I will miss you dear Vince. A mighty Totara indeed.

  2.' Donna Chisholm says:


    When a Totara falls in a forest, people have often wondered who hears it?  

    The mighty Totara which fell today has been heard and felt by many.  That Totara is you – strong and splendid, you had the breadth and depth to 'think beyond' the canopy.  To plot and plan a direction (complete with a pointy bit) slowly but surely just like the Totoara.  Your journey will be recalled and shared often.  Be proud of your legacy.  

    Vince, may you look with wonder at your future ahead, and know that the gap which has been left in our canopy is treasured and honored.  As your vision filters down through to the forest floor of Tane, know that your bright light reaches many.  Be safe in your travels.  Know that you are kept in many hearts.   

  3.' Nancy McMurray says:

    Vince was an amazing person whose life and work will continue to have enormous influence. My heart goes out to Ronnie, Sophie and Mal – you are in my thoughts. 

  4.' Claire Howison says:

    Vince touched the lives of so many through the gentle, yet thought provoking challenges he posed to many NZ educators. I know that I will be richer and my thinking a lilttle clearer for the short times I was able to walk alongside him in my educational journey. 

  5. A mighty totara indeed. The time I spent with CORE and the e-fellows was a time of huge learning and much laughter and friendhship and Vince was at the heart of it. So many lives have been enriched by contact with Vince. His legacy will live on.

  6. He was a wonderful colleague who left a big footprint on our world. Not many get that chance and Vince used it so well, for so many.

    Doesn't seem right without him here.

  7.' Mike Anderson says:

    Vince's ideas, thinking and personality were always inspiring and still keep on touching children's lives through those of us he taught, mentored and motivated. Very sad.

  8.' Carolyn Stuart says:

    Deepest sympathy to both Vince's family and the team at Core for tne passing of a true eLegend. Vince's legacy will live on as we all work together to build the educational future that he dreamed about. Kia kaha at this time of great sorrow.

  9.' Carol Marks says:

    I will always remember the support, care, the interest taken and his lovely sense of humour during my time as an e fellow. Rest in peace Vince. Arohanui Carol

  10.' Murray Edlin says:

    Vince touched the lives of many with his innovation and future thinking. Thoughts with all. Kia kaha.

  11. This is such sad news. Vince will be dearly missed and has contributed so much to the education system for New Zealand. My sincere condolences to Vince's family. Rest in peace Vince.

  12.' Russ Skinner says:

    Adieu old friend from our Nelson pasts where we were both exposed to what a life's mission and passion, learning could be.

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