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  1. It was great to see you again Karen. Everyone was left inspired by your workshop and I know Tom was so pleased to be able to join in as well. We'll get those "virtual" kinks ironed out next time for sure.

    1. Karen Melhuish Spencer says:

      Many thanks for stopping by, Nicola:-) I was really impressed with the way we all rallied as a team and refined the process while we were flying:-) It presents an excitng way forward in rural areas such as your where teachers are keen to participate in professional learning but just can’t get there. Lovely, as always, to come down to Invercargill – and thanks for your kind words.

  2. […] CORE has had many exciting opportunities to work with educators and learners in connected ways. For example, we have offered virtual field trips all over New Zealand through LEARNZ, bringing the environment to students all over the country through digital technologies. We have been instrumental in growing the most active social network for educators in the country – the VLN Groups – and we offer blended programmes in a range of topics. One personal favourite story is how we managed a breakfast workshop with teachers which was both face-to-face and with others ‘beaming in’ from a rural part of the country – and how we managed to make that work in ways that were inclusive and responsive to need. I captured the story in this blog post so check it out! […]

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