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  1.' Carolyn Stuart says:

    In looking at the tools such as Learn-Smart (LMSers on steroids) how is it determined what is important for students to know? I am also interested in the fact that the system deliberately sets out to have students compete against each other rather – rather than work collaboratively to lift the achievement of all.

  2.' Douglas says:

    Hi Carolyn, Thanks for your comment. One of the challenges for these larger systems is to remain tightly focussed. They are designed (often) for the US market where standardised testing (as you know) is much more common. While lifting the "achievement of all" is seen as an important outcome the approach is still often competetive rather than collaborative as that is the ethos, LMS or not.  I have also seen interest in these approaches from developing countries that grapple with teacher competency or the quality of curriculum resources. Systems such as these are often attractive as they attempt to solve (on one level) those issues ("i can supply all this centrally if you have a decent internet connection" says the sales rep). We all know it is more complex than that….:-)

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