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  1. The day was wonderful – it flew by so fast! It was great being with so many like-minded people who are excited about engaging their students with new ways of learning – and it wasn't all about technology. It wasn't as big and overwhelming as a full conference, the smaller group attending meant you got to talk to everyone.
    I particularly enjoyed the discussion about the Daily 5 and CAFE (no technology mentioned there!). It was also useful learning about one class's journey into BYOD, and how that had been managed, and how well it is working. The Smackdown was a great way of quickly sharing interesting ideas and tools for learning. There was something for everyone!

  2.' Martin says:

    Meeting everyone
    Ideas for my new

  3.' Caroline Bush says:

    As an EducampAddict the MAGIC of Educamp, is always in the face-to-face connections and collaboration. Meeting new educators and re-connecting with old friends is a great way to enhance and transform not only my own learning but the learning of both current and future students and collegues. The opportunities to collect and share knowledge has to be one of the most powerful ways to truly embrace the concept of Ako. Bring on the MAGIC of Educamp Akl!

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