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  1.' DK says:

    Great to read such an positive outcome to the approach Chris takes in putting his students in positions of authority – thanks for sharing and what a great illustration of the benefits of this award.

  2.' Douglas Harré says:

    Great, humbling story…..and yet another reminder of the unique and wide-ranging skills that geography teachers bring to any situation..:-)……..particularly liked his suggestion to go to events outside one's subject area…..that sense of perspective is beneficial to all.
    Let's hope that people with the expertise and passion of Chris continue to assist in Christchurch's re-development.

  3.' Gina Cathro says:

    Yes there's something about geography teachers – something about the mix of art and science and curiosity about the world. 
    Chris's story reminds me of the quote by Henry E Adams – A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops…

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