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  1. Thanks for providing us with some future focused solutions Jill. The secret will be also in the quality of the resources uploaded. There is a real opportunity to provide resources that are high quality examples of inquiry and problem based approaches that are real for students. The danger is if the resources merely reinforce old style activities, word finds and busy work.

    There are many possibilities for something positive to come from the earthquake – a pushing forward of educational collaboration and vision for what learning could be. It is great to see Core Education playing a role in creating the future of education. As usual they are leading the way.

  2. Jill Hammonds says:

    I absolutely agree Cheryl. At present we are in the “bottled water and toilet paper” stage of providing resources. I am longing for a spare day to sit down and get into the real stuff that needs to follow. Unfortunately there are other items in the diary but hoping for some time next week.

    I’d love to see teachers all around NZ who have had the benefits of the ICTPD cluster progamme dig deep and find those units of innovative work that we hear about on the NZ Curriculum site and other places. That’s what we need to be focusing on now that the first rush of effort has been made. You will see that I have posted a “coming soon” note in the inquiry areas. I’d love to see some people get in and start creating an inquiry that will support students to really find out what NZers are made of on the inside. How can we scaffold and yet allow for ownership and innovation to be unleashed in our students? That’s what I want to see next!

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