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  1.' Werahiko Verschoor says:

    Ko Arohanui te Reo

  2.' Kimiora Parker says:

    Dearest Uncle,

    Wow I’m so blown away. I remember meeting Koro Kerehi Waiariki Grace and Nanny Patricia Grace when I was a young teenager. I remember thinking wow to be like them.
    Koro Kerehi had an Awesome way about him.. He knew how to talk to you, to captivate your attention, where all you wanted to do was just listen to Koro all night. Through the years I only seen Koro and Nan probably 3 – 5 time’s. It wasn’t much, but it was as if it was just yesterday everytime I did see them.
    That’s the Awesome thing about whanau.. Everyone has there lives to live, families etc. But Whanau will always be whanau.. Regardless if time and years that separate. The bond is already there the moment we are born.

    I loved this so much Uncle…. This is something I would love to have a copy of if that’s okay?
    I’ve bookmarked the website.

  3.' Donna Parata says:

    Aue. What a great treasure to find. I’ve always loved your Dad. (I love you all!)

    As a teen, dating your cousin, and wanting to learn tikanga and things Maori, I found Uncle’s writings and it blew me away. His crystal clear translations in English helped me understand so much. I printed it to keep, exciterly sharied it where appropriate, and knew how lucky I was to know Dad.

    And to listen to his korero in the Whare or anywhere for that matter was as if time didn’t matter. Dad captivated us all.

    A very special man.

    Thank you for sharing this story of love and loss. So much taken from you, we are shamed. We heal everyday.

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