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  1. Kia ora Togi – Thanks for sharing your 10 'Important things' Togi – Great read, great info!

  2. […] In a previous blog post, my colleague Togi Lemanu talked about the “10 things that you need to know about Pasifika peoples in Aotearoa”. I wanted to explore some of these ideas in more depth, in particular the notions of cultural identities. Seeing as it is Samoan language week on May 26th-30th, we will look at a cultural identity model I developed that focuses on the multiple identities of Samoan culture. […]

  3.' Adimaibole says:

    Hi Togi, I’m really interested to know how the term “pasifika” is unique to Aotearoa and the association of only “Melanesian” with relation to Fiji.

    I’m from Fiji and the translation of Pacific in our common tongue is Pasifika.
    We have used this term in all formal and informal literature and communication since its use in our language.
    I understand that it is probably shared from another country in the Pacific (probably Samoa) but I guess, that is the history of language in the Pacific.
    Anyways, pasifika to us includes all the 3 main Island nation “groups” or the more commonly used English term “Oceania”.

    In respect of that which ive provided above, I believe that the term “pasifika” is indeed not unique to Aotearoa. Of course, I understand that the common understanding of Pasifika in Aotearoa and that in the rest of the South Pacific mean different things.

    Also, with relation to which “island group” Fiji is from – Fiji is not inherently just Melanesian. We can say that Fiji is at the crossroads or the edge of the Melanesian and Polynesian divide, with similar language and hierarchical structures to that of our Polynesian brothers than our Melanesian brothers. We have both Melanesian and Polynesian heritage (with relation to the groups of peoples who travelled to Fiji to populate the islands and that travelled from Fiji to other areas in the Pacific).

    There are also 2 islands in Fiji that are inhabited by people that are not distinctly I-Taukei (indigenous). The island of Rotuma (annexed to Fiji by the British government) and is inhabited by people of distinctly Polynesian descent and Rabi (given to the peoples of distinctly Micronesian descent).

    Hope to hear from you.

    1.' Zoe says:

      I agree with this comment. As a 19 year old Fijian trying to learn more about her culture and where she stands in the Pacific community, this article confused me a lot as it contradicts a lot of what I’ve read so far; especially in terms of Fiji not being counted under the “Pasifika” umbrella. Hope to get clear answers soon.

  4. […] the most vibrant and exciting school we visited this week. The population of this school is largely Pasifika (people from the varied islands of Oceania). It is also a decile one school. In the New Zealand […]

  5.' Zoe says:

    I grew up bting told that Pasifika includes the entire Pacific island community including Melanesians and Micronesians. Did New Zealand really coin the term?

    1.' Leilani says:

      I have the same understanding of Pasifika as you and grew up in the U.S. Maybe NZ uses it differently?

  6. […] Cartwright S. (1988). The report of the committee of inquiry into allegations concerning the treatment of cervical cancer at National Women’s Hospital and into other related matters. Auckland, New Zealand: Government Printing Office. Retrieved from Counties Manukau Health. (2016). Population Profile. Retrieved from Lemanu, T. (2010). 10 things you need to know about Pasifika peoples in Aotearoa: Dispelling some common myths about the pacific. Core Education: T?tai Aho Rau. Retrieved from… […]

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