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This is staggering:


some amazing statistics, information and trends. Who says mobile technology is a flash in the pan? Ya Reckon!!??

No proper imbed code so you need to follow the link to see the presentation …

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I use alot for storing stuff … Now this:

Now through December 2, cloud storage provider is giving away free 50 GB accounts you can use forever. The account is good on your PC too, but to get the 50 GB upgrade, you’ll need to download and sign in or register from the iPhone or iPad app

Pretty cool and you just have to log in from ios device to activate it!

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Jane and I went to the U2 concert in Auckland on Friday night. Stunning and an amazing concert. We really enjoy live music and I have quite a t-shirt collection from the ones we have been to.
In the way of things someone has uploaded this vid:

One of the most freakish things from my teenage years was listening to the news one night and hearing “Greg Carroll” had died. You don’t expect to hear you name on the news – let alone the fact you are dead!
A great song and a very moving moment for all who were there having it dedicated to the Pike River miners.
I have also discovered today one of the miners – Richard Holling – was at school with us in my sisters year when we were at Mairehau High in ChCh. NZ is a very small place!

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From Mark Osbourne – Albany Senior High.

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A great presentation about ‘why’!

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link to site HERE
lots more ideas on Wallwisher HERE

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A fun wee poke at social media. Must admit I agree with some of this too … I’d rather sit and have a beer or good wine with someone and chat than read/consume much of the ‘white noise’ that passes for social media ‘connections’.
The real thing is much more satisfying ….

Having said that I can relate to this as well::

I want to preface the video with two disclaimers. First, I really appreciate my blog readers. I’m not anti-tech …. I just think we ought to think critically about the ways in which it dehumanizes. Second, I am a hypocrite in this respect. As I type this, I’m humming along to a Ben Harper song on my Pandora station, reading my Twitter updates and catching up on blogs.

Jut not the twitter bit! 🙂

video should be here but embed code not working

SOURCE – via Graham

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