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Gina Trapani of Lifehacker is a prolific blogger.  This video sums up well the need to focus on one thing at a time to be effective.  More HERE

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I do quite a bit of reading.  My rss reader is one of the key places I find my professional challenges and ‘readings’.  It is the place where the next steps often galvanise themselves and the ideas get broken against reality (better there than in the staffrom!).  Interestingly there was a post from the same person as the list below highlighting how one of the identifying factors of successful CEO’s is the amount of (professional) reading they do …

I subscribe to quite a few different blogs – as you can see in the sidebar – and also a number of peoples Delicious links.  A link to this guy came in the list today and a search showed a pile of great posts.  Business model but often very applicable to education too:

a big list here but most posts are a relatively quick (initial) read.  Well worth the time if you are in any sort of leadership position – schooling or otherwise.  Thanks Rob for the initial link!

Links so I can find them again too 🙂

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Somewhere along the line a fundamental part of the NZ curriculum model has been re-written and no one noticed!

Since the previous iteration on the NZC we have understood our curriculum is organised like this:

Now when we look at the NS assessment Maps on TKI we find they are sequential.

In the words of Ken Robinson … did I miss a meeting? When did this happen? WHY? Who made this call?

This is a fundamental change to the way we think about our curriculum in this country. What gives?

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“Image Created by Insulation and Energy Audits.”

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follow this link to a very witty Trademe auction of the NZC.

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from The Standard blog:

You’ll recall that last week National spent $200,000 of taxpayer dollars on a proganda drop defending its national standards. This was a targeted exercise – 350,000 of the pamphlets were produced, enough for the parents of each primary school pupil.

So, how did they know what addresses to send them to? You can’t get information on who has primary school kids from the electoral roll or any other public list. They may have gained the addresses by profiling people on the electoral roll, but prolfiling is a hit and miss affair. As far as I can see, there’s only one database that gives you the residential addresses of every school pupil – the Ministry of Education’s National Student Index.

The Education Act limits the use of the National Student Index to: “Monitoring and ensuring student enrollment and attendance, ensuring education providers and students receive appropriate resourcing, statistical purposes, research purposes, and ensuring that students’ educational records are accurately maintained”

Did National use the Index, in violation of the law, to get the list of pupils’ addresses? I can’t be sure but it looks bloody suspicious. I think the possibility that private information may have been misused is serious enough for me to raise the question and ask for clarification.

good question to ask …. what IS the answer?

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Three articles about the Standards in the ODT today:

1.  Opinion piece that is GREAT.  A must read.

2.  The cost to schools of attending the briefings from the MoE/Advisors are huge.  I understand Ms Tolley has offered to meet west coast principals on Sunday 14 February for a breakfast (8:30am!) meeting.  Some of us have real lives, and partners.  Singles education breakfast on ‘the coast’ this weekend folks?!

3.  Report from the fabulous meeting last night.  Lester Flockton gave the most informative critique of the whole standards debate I have heard.  Stunning!!  He is happy to share his slides so am hoping to get a copy.

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Could we ask families for specific written permission to include their childrens data in the results of National Testing we send to MoE?
I know the level of response we get to some requests is very low.  And we are not allowed to identify individual children ….

Or conversely can parents only give permission for our schools assessment to be used for formative purposes and preclude their childrens information from being included in data reported to the MoE if they choose?

I wonder …

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