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Site Macosxhints has this about how to turn pdf’s and websites into iBooks.  Even works!

If you want to quickly add a document or a web page to your ‘Books’ collection in iTunes, all you need to do is to create an alias of iTunes and drag it to ~/Library/PDF Services [that is the system one not the user!]. Now, when you’re browsing the web or viewing documents and you decide that you want to read them later on a portable Apple device just hit Print, click the PDF button on the bottom left corner of the window and choose iTunes. iTunes will launch and receive the PDF. Next, sync your device and you’re ready to go.

Great for an iPad/iPhone/iPod

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This Facebook add-on evaluates your privacy settings and ensures that you are not inadvertantly sharing iniformation you thought was private. – LINK

via Lifehacker

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Scott McLeod shared this video:

Often teachers think digital stuff is better.  Quality stuff is better!  If it is crap learning, crap presentation, poor logic, or whatever then some flashy web2.0 tool will not make the difference and ramp it up to being quality.

We need to make sure teachers get this.

Sometimes a digital product is NOT the best way of doing something.  Spending hours teaching a piece of software SO the learning can be shared may be difficult to justify.  This is something I often think when seeing claymations, some video, etc.  Could the learning be shared in a way that adds something to the experience rather than being an experience in itself?

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check out these!!  Way cool!!

1.  Some handy keyboard shortcuts HERE

2.  Screenshots directly to clipboard HERE

3.  Other screenshot variations HERE I do like the one to only take a particular window.  Wondered how to do that easily …

anyway handy hints 🙂

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This is just incredible. The VERY scary bit is that if we are seeing this then the stuff that is happening in the back rooms and labs around the world will be leaving this in the dust. Like the fact that every piece of technology we have in our lives is out-of-date when we look at what is just about to come on stream. And even more so it you can get insight into the development labs.

What about an OS for a computer that worked like this?
A tablet/iPhone type product with this built in?
The potential for education? Massive.


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Speed up Firefox – do this, it works!! LINK This has made a stunning difference to the speed of my browser.  It was hanging and beginning to drive me nuts.  YAY for a solution.

Phonics and phonological awareness activities – LINK.  Link from Jane 🙂

TextExpander has an update which solves some of the double insertions I was getting.  I love this software.  One of the few things I have paid for …. thg becomes ‘thanks Greg’; sig~ inserts my full signature into anything.  The list goes on.  Saves me a power of time.  Have it set up with my email address as well which is great for online things where I have to type it.  Also use it as an auto-correct for my common typo’s.  Got on to it via David Pogue from the TED Talks and NY Times column/blog.

I’m also loving the minimal mac blog at the moment.  Some really good ideas for workflow management, and the software/tricks to do the things I do all the time faster and in simpler ways on my laptop.

Setting up a small tab in Firefox to keep my GReader open all the time with less space.  Geeky but a useful idea I am loving.  LINK

Sharetabs – have a look and see what it does.  Very cool.

Love this!!  Someone has watched my problem solving technique with the last couple issues 🙂

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Some great things I have found in the last few days that are worth sharing:

Live Binders – allows you to bring a lot of different web-based resources together into a single site/url.  Sort of like embedding pages into a wiki but much slicker.  Lots of classroom applications.

SimplyBox is similar but different.  Puts clippings all on one page.  Again has real potential for sharing resources with children.

Howpack – a wonderful collection of incredible nets.  Great maths extension activity potential.  Printable.

Rhyme Dictionary – neat we tool where you put in a word and it gives you rhymes sorted by number of syllables

Subject specific blog list – check out this rapidly expanding list of subject specific blogs.  Well worth a browse.

Using CoolIris as a presentation tool – great tutorial about how to use CoolIris as a neat presentation tool.

ad lastly with mildly tongue in cheek:

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Followign from my post the other day it was interesting to see this from Jacqui Sharp yesterday outlining more creative uses of powerpoint in the classroom:

Jacqui has lots of resources on her site – it is worth a look 🙂

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