What do you want to know?

Born and bought up in Christchurch, and living in Dunedin since 1990. Married to a wonderful lady called Jane who is a speech language therapist and working hard towards her PhD. We have two school aged children.

I have been teaching since 1989 and a principal since 1994. I have taught at all levels from Y4-8 and usually in multi-level classes.

My teaching has been at Redwood School in Christchurch (with my New Entrant teacher as Principal – bizarre!) and Abbotsford School in Dunedin. As a principal I have had the privilege of working at Taieri Beach School, Pine Hill School and Outram School.

I have been at school since I was 5 (school, teachers college, and then school again) except for a year with CORE Education as an ICT PD National Facilitator . I am passionate about learning – my own and that of ALL the people in our school. My job as a school leader is to make sure it happens for all of us 🙂

Outside of school family comes first and I also enjoy spending four wheel driving, time hunting, fly fishing, playing sport, listening to music, and good wine and food.

For me this blog is about sharing my learning and thinking with the world, and to provide a place for me to reflect on and store the things I stumble across on life's journey. Hopefully it provides some challenge and stimulus for others too. If you are reading this perhaps it does?

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