Robs site Learning Architects

link to presentation


  • range of tools – lots of parts and lots to learn.
  • Google moderatorlink to main page.  lets you have questions adn able to interact with them.


  • Cloud based – easy access 24/7/365
  • lots you can do to make it 'safe' – digital citizenship issues.
  • easy to install and run.  Mahara.
  • Help is good in GApps – show this to people.
  • highly customisable 🙂


  • Process for deployment in presentation has links to things to do as well as things to consider.
  • school 'start' page.  Splash screen …. place you begin for the school staff and students – for content and tools.  GSite?  Ways to make it easier for the people.
  • GAFE blog worth subscribing to!
  • sell the value propositions and support the 'how'.  Stuff on stickers so peole can keep with laptop/diary/etc.
  • links in Robs presentation for egs of ways have been used.

Some really good egs shown of using spreadsheets for documentation.  Not seen used in this way before 🙂


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