Interesting time this afternoon with the crew from the Dunedin branch of Cyclone Computers and Adam Naor from Google.  I have not had a whole lot to do wiht them before but they do seem to offer a more viable option than netbooks.  In my experience netbooks soon become a source of frustration because of the screen size primarily.  The ChromeBooks are certainly fast!  Not the most fantastic build quality …. but hay, for $399 who cares.  


Anne sent me the link to this:


… later this evening.  

Makes the same points Adam did:

  • fast
  • integrated
  • easy
  • have everything you need (most of the time)


Adam did say Google are keen to hear from educators about features in Google Apps we are keen to see.  Did mention merging cells in tables to him (seconded by Dave!).  He mentioned we should see off-line Spreadsheets in the next few weeks.  Heard it here first! 🙂

Chrome extensions for teachers doc HERE


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