From Scott Mcleod:

The unholy trinity of student classroom technology usage

Taking notes (look, we’re using computers!)
Looking up stuff (Google and Wikipedia reign supreme)
Making PowerPoints (and they’re not even good ones)
Honorable mention: Completing Google Docs electronic worksheets (just type in the empty spaces…)

The unholy trinity of teacher classroom technology usage

Interactive whiteboards (can you say ‘really expensive chalkboards?’)
Clickers (digital multiple choice! woo hoo!)
Pre-selected YouTube videos for students (passive viewing of filmstrips, VHS tapes, laserdiscs, or DVDs is s-o-o-o yesteryear)
Honorable mention: Blackboard or Moodle (let’s devise really complex systems for transmitting really basic information!)

Is this the vast majority of what we see in P-12 and postsecondary classrooms? Yep. Can we do better (a lot better) than just this? Yep.

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