I like models.  I tend to think in diagrams and pictures, trying to link ideas together and make sense of them in some sort of structured way.  I also tend to bounce ideas around and try to make links between different ones, and visuals help with this.
I just stumbled on this:

… which is a neat way to think about the difference between just digitising the same-old-same-old and actually doing things differently and in ways that would not be possible without technology.  I see a lot of schools and classrooms where technology is simply used to digitise the same stuff.  Is that really effective use of devices costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars?  Conversely what does doing it differently look like?  In practice?  How to get people to reimagine what they are doing in their classrooms and schools is the point of much of what I am doing these days …. This diagrame will help clarify it a bit for some I think.

Particularly for assessment and those disengaged or with learning issues the redefinition of what learning is and looks like can hook them in.

What models do you use to get-your-head-around concepts and ideas?  What works for you?

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