One of the real challenges of leadership is bringing others along with what you are wanting to do.  You spend a LOT of time thinking things through, playing with scenarios, playing out the 'what-if's' in your head and trying to anticipate what people will think and do.

It's REALLY hard to get that bit right.  Predicting peoples reactions is sometimes VERY difficult.  Most people react to change at an emotional level in the first instance.  The rational bit comes later (well for most anyway).

The big thing is that leaders have done the thinking already.  You have thought it through.  Others can be 'frustraingly slow' getting on-board with things.  Remember though you may have taken months to get to the place you are in your head, and in your understandings.  The ones you are taking along on the journey have to take the time to get to know what you believe and 'get with the programme'.

This post also got me thinking along similar lines.  I don't flatter myself I outstrip any others in any cognitive stakes but … what DO you do when others can't see the possibilities and come to vastly different conclusions given the same information?  Thats where the skill in leadership comes in …. where experience and personal relationship skills come to the fore.

If you are the principal you are accountable for a lot.  If the brown stuff hits the spinny thing everyone else around you will often duck.  The BoT.  The other leadership.  Teachers.

How do YOU make sure everyone is on the same page when you are planning WAY ahead of where things are at the moment and are aiming for things way into the future that others may not see (yet).

Lots of musings and would be keen for any ideas, thoughts and reactions you may have …

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