Google Docs is great for some things but the new Drive format sure has a lot of stuff. Here is a neat viewing tip:

This may be old hat to some serious Google Docs users, but I use Docs every day and just stumbled on this trick when the fine folks at The Next Web pointed it out. Instead of clicking on a collection name to open it and see the document list, click the drop-down arrow next to the collection name, select "Open," and you'll be treated to a preview mode of the collection, with a thumbnail of each document on the right and a list of docs on the left. Better yet, if you want to preview the documents individually, make sure your focus is in that sidebar to the left (click on any empty space) and then use the up and down arrows to bring up the full doc in the window to the right. It's a bit faster than clicking through the list of documents individually, or moving in and out of collections just to preview what's in them.


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  1. Robin Sutton says:

    Been using Googledocs with secondary students for two years (has had a profound impact on their writing).. but like you, I NEVER knew this.. thanks for sharing!!!
    Kind regards

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