This rubric/infographic from Edudemic Magazine outlines their thinking on how to decide if an idea/product is worth reviewing or looking at further:

This also provides a useful framework for looking at any idea or initiative in a school:

1.  Does it make sense.  Do you understand it in terms of your kids, their learning ….?

2.  Does it fill a need we have (or are we creating one just to get the shiny toys?)

3.  Is it gobsmackingly simple to use and does it actually do what it says it will, and well (any unintended consequences?)

4.  Is there a better option?  A free/cheaper one?

5.  Does it fit in the overall way we do stuff – with the school culture and ways of working?


5 outa 5?  Go for it.

Notice there is nothing about $$$$ … if it is important enough you can make that work (usually, in some way)

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